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A Match Made In Training Heaven

by LeAnne Young
Official Blogger LeAnne Young has complied a list of her top seven cross training tips that have proved to be beneficial. Her goal is to follow them as she trains for the this year's Pittsburgh Marathon and hopes they will also help you as you train for your next big event! Read more

Enjoy a Run-Cation in the City that is TRENDY X10

by DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
Visiting Pittsburgh is a great idea at any time, but 2018 is absolutely THE BEST TIME for runners! We'll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon from May 4-6, so consider it the perfect opportunity to plan that next "run-cation." Read more

Training Tips: Running During the Winter Months

by Karl Gruber
Obviously, less-than-ideal winter running conditions tend to diminish your desire to leave a warm bed and head out the door into the cold. So why not adopt an attitude that will do just that - get you out the door for your run. Read more

Run for a Reason: Communication Tips and Tricks

by Jordan Olander
To be successful in your fundraising journey, it essential to utilize all of your communication channels. Social media, emails and handwritten letters will help you to build relationships and keep donors up to date with your fundraising progress. Read more

Training Tips: The Importance of Cross Training

by Karl Gruber
It can be a challenge to find the time and life balance to incorporate cross-training into your training schedule, but the rewards of doing so are completely off the charts. Read more

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