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A Rest Day is Just as Important as Your Long Run

by Chelsea Prior
If your training plan calls for a rest day, do just that. Rest. Let your body heal and let your mind take a break. The sooner you learn to love and appreciate a rest day, the sooner your body will love you back. Read more

100 Days And Counting

by DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
Now that our anniversary year has officially arrived, we are going to kick this thing into high gear! We have SO many exciting things to look forward to as we countdown to race weekend. And it all starts this Friday, January 26 with the 100 day countdown! Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Running 13.1 Or 26.2 Miles?

by Karl Gruber
It's clear the mental benefits of running surpasses just the mental aspects, and it also overflows into the physical and even spiritual elements of your life. One could mistake the sport of running as the remedy for all the difficulties and problems in life, and perhaps it is. Read more

Run for a Reason: Carrie and Steffany's Story

by Jordan Olander
Steffany knew she could always count on Carrie to be there for her, so she didn't hesitate to return the favor when Carrie had to have open heart surgery in 2016. Steffany decided to run for Team Children's this year to honor her best running friend. Read more

Why Do You Run and How Far Do You Want To Go?

by Karl Gruber
What motivates you to keep running and why do you choose to keep running? It's funny for veteran runners like coach Karl Gruber to even contemplate these questions because it simply doesn't cross their minds anymore - they just run. Read more

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