Training Tips

Virtual Marathon: Envisioning the Race

by Karl Gruber
In a previous installment, coach Karl Gruber ran through a virtual half marathon to help you discover what you are likely to experience and feel during your race. This time around, he wants to run a full marathon together to give you a sense of what it's like to go 26.2 miles without stopping. Read more

Training Tips: Basic Elements of Long Distance Running

by Karl Gruber
Coach Karl Gruber wants to help you learn more about those things to be cognizant of during training for your upcoming half or full marathon. Here is a short list of the basic elements of long distance running to help you stay injury-free and feel good during and after your run. Read more

Virtual Half-Marathon: Envisioning the Race

by Karl Gruber
Many first-time distance runners are super anxious about and have almost no idea what to expect during a race. And since a long training run and a race are vastly different, coach Karl Gruber wants to get you ready for race day by leading you through a "virtual" half marathon race! Read more

Distance Running For Weight Loss and Weight Control

by Karl Gruber
Weight loss and weight control seem to be an issue for many runners. Remember that each of us has our own highly specialized needs for fueling and refueling our bodies, and for maintaining your ideal body weight, especially during training periods of high running mileage and intensity. Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Running 13.1 Or 26.2 Miles?

by Karl Gruber
It's clear the mental benefits of running surpasses just the mental aspects, and it also overflows into the physical and even spiritual elements of your life. One could mistake the sport of running as the remedy for all the difficulties and problems in life, and perhaps it is. Read more

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